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Artisan Electric

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Artisan Electric
969 S Nebraska Street Suite A, Seattle, WA 98108
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clean energy, solar panels
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Artisan Electric Inc.
Exhibitor Description

At Artisan Electric, we believe that clean and efficient energy solutions should be easy, accessible, functional and beautiful. Since 2007, we have helped shape the Puget Sound’s energy future by educating communities, simplifying processes, and creating efficient—and elegant—energy solutions.

Providing solar, electrical and efficiency services, we are proud to set industry standards for quality, design, and customer service. Having installed over 1MW of solar power, Artisan is one of the largest and most respected solar contractors in the region.

Bringing our integrated approach and signature craftsmanship to every project, we continue to prove that clean energy can fit seamlessly into your life, your style, and your long-term goals.

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