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Earthquake Prepared

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Earthquake Prepared
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Retrofit Your Home
Earthquake Prepared-Who we are
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Gas Shut-Off 2016
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A-FFIX’s mission is to provide earthquake preparation and education to and assist in securing the homes of Puget Sound’s residents, with a strong commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence. The safety of you and your family, and of the community as a whole, is of the utmost importance to us.

Along with retrofit (strengthening a structure’s understructure), A-FFIX offers numerous other services to help prepare homes and businesses for earthquakes: securing interiors, applying protective windowfilm, providing emergency supplies and preparation advice, and restoring failing understructures beyond conventional retrofit. Our experience securing old houses with unconventional foundations, including foundations made of brick and cracked or deteriorating foundations, makes us a leading area specialist in foundation repair. We also do all types of general structural repair, including the restoration of beams and joists, pilings, and shoring and footing systems.

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