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Children, Home Theatre
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Stellarvision 360 VR
Stellarvision 2015
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The first thing we added to our new house
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In 1986, J.D. Lowe formed the company, Starshow International, Inc., in Seattle, WA. It was at that time the StellarVision process was developed. In early 2007 Mr. Lowe decided to retire and turn over Starshow International, Inc. and the StellarVision process to the StellarVision dealer in Atlanta, GA, Under the Stars, Inc.

The original StellarVision process has been improved and modernized using the highest quality materials and artistic techniques. Additionally, a new process for home theaters and commercial applications has been developed. Through our network of Authorized StellarVision Dealers, our goal is to bring the beauty of the night sky into homes everywhere. The improved process and very “down to earth price” make it possible for homeowners everywhere to experience the beauty. Whether it’s in bed as you are falling asleep or in front of the TV in your home theater…

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