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Bedrooms, Children, Home Theatre
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Exhibitor Description

Imagine tonight, when you turn off your bedroom lights, your ceiling and walls magically disappear and thousands of stars appear above you.  Not just the stars but the Milky Way and even a shooting star streaking across the sky right above your bed.

You can’t tell you’re still in a room.  There are no walls or ceiling  —  you’re lying there beneath the most beautiful star-filled sky you’ve ever seen.  The Big Dipper and other major constellations are clearly visible, there are hundreds of distant background stars, a couple shooting stars and the Milky Way winding a path across the sky. Everything in its place and accurate with an overwhelming peaceful feeling.

The stresses of the day are gone.  You’re falling asleep beneath a beautiful starry sky and sweet dreams are on the way.

Stellarvision Washington has been providing beautiful starry skies in homes across Washington and North Idaho for over 30 years.  The process is permanent until painted over.  Your stars are undetectable on most room surfaces when the lights are on, just appearing at night like real stars.  You can enjoy them for several hours each evening and they will last you for years virtually trouble free.  Installation only requires a few hours per room.  While bedrooms are the favorite location, almost any room is a potential choice including family rooms, TV rooms, home theaters or even more imaginative sites like RVs, campers, enclosed boat cabins or tree houses.

You can select the date for the sky we recreate – your birthday, anniversary or any other special day – it’s your choice.  Children absolutely love our stars but the fact that we do as many or more master bedrooms than child’s rooms tells you a lot about the beauty and relaxing effect of our finished product.  Best of all, this heavenly experience is available at down-to-earth prices! Contact us at (425) 883-7722 and we’ll bring the beauty of a peaceful night sky right into your home.

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