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Terra Firma Drilling

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Terra Firma Drilling
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Terra Firma Drilling
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Terra Firma Drilling specializes in Slope & Structure Stabilization in Perplexing Locations. We are based in Seattle, Washington but have drilled from as far North as Valdez, Alaska to as far South as the Southern Caribbean.   We have some very unique drills that allow us to drill anywhere, through anything. Design/Build services is another one of our specialties. 80% of our business is residential / commercial…but no project is too large, or too small, we are here for you. We often custom build drills to meet the specific drilling requirements of a particular project, some projects require creative thinking…that is what we do best. We are very practiced at exporting equipment & materials out of the US and importing them into different countries or shipping to other States. We would welcome the opportunity to visit your job site anywhere in the world.

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