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Timeshare Exit Team

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Timeshare Exit Team
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A client manager will be personally assigned to each timeshare owner. The owner will be contacted directly via telephone within 1-4 days of signing up to set up a consultation with a client manager. A case file will be prepared which includes purchase contracts/agreements, an interview from the timeshare owner, and an authorization letter (among other pertinent  materials needed to cancel the timeshare contract).

The client manager will consult and advise the owner on strategy and direction taken to terminate the existing relationship with the resort. They will also explain to the timeshare owner how the process works, when they will be able to stop making payments to their resort and when the ownership will be canceled. We do guarantee the ownership will be canceled and maintain a 100% track record to uphold our guarantee.

Upon timeshare cancellation, the now former timeshare owner will receive written confirmation of their cancellation.

Are Our Services For You?

    • Have you stopped paying your maintenance fees?
    • Let us restore your damaged credit and remove your timeshare from your financial portfolio.
    • Tired of paying increasing maintenance fees and special assessments?
    • Having trouble selling your timeshare on your own?
    • Fed up with paying upfront listing fees to companies that promise to sell your timeshare for you?
    • Want out of your timeshare for good…without affecting your credit rating?

No matter what the reason is for wanting to get rid of your timeshare, WE GUARANTEE WE CAN HELP! No need for the continued frustration of maintaining your timeshare property.

Get out or your timeshare NOW!!!

To get started, please complete the form to your right. One of our consultants will contact you immediately to provide you with more information on how to get your out of your timeshare. Act now before maintenance fee season comes around and we can get you out of your next bill!

Call Timeshare Exit Team at 855-733-3434

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