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Vac Express
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Vac Express 2015
Exhibitor Description

I am Slava Stefoglo, and I am the owner of Vac Express, and we specialize in central vacuum systems in existing houses and in new constructions. The power units made by Vacuflow are 80% stronger than conventional home use power unit. It’s also light. Hoses are not dragging in your closets. It’s much easier to use than the old systems or your conventional vacuum. You have to invest only once, and they have a life-time warranty so you’ll never have to spend any more money for it. You can always get free parts, and free warranty repair, and it’s allergy free for your family.  So in the old system you have a cord, you have to plug it in, you have to carry your hose from one outlet to another. In the new system you really don’t have to do that, you just open up, pull your hose out, do your vacuum and it goes back right in and you don’t have to worry about carrying all the heavy weights.  Oh, most people think that we do have to tear a lot of walls but in reality, it’s all done, no construction whatsoever. It’s very easy to install. Whether you’re a contractor or home owner, doing remodel or new construction, a Central Vacuum System from Vac Express is something that you should really consider.

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