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What is this 24/7 Website?

At Expofilms we partner with you and bring your show online. We produce customized virtual shows that mirror the look and feel of your exisiting website and brand. This is a video based, online gallery of your exhibitors. It extends the life of your show, adds value for your exhibitors, deepens your connection with your attendees, and offers opportunities to increase your revenue streams at not cost to you.

Who is Expofilms?

Expofilms is a virtual trade show company that has partnered with our show. They produce the promotional films for each exhibitor. You can contact them here:

How does it benefit Exhibitors?

By producing your ExpoFilm at the show and hosting in the 24/7 site, you extend the life of your presence in the show for an entire year. Consumers that visit the site after the show get to see your company in the same context as the show and we believe that linkage can help reinforce your brand and potentially convert leads into sales. Expofilms is a high quality, low cost provider of video production services, and this is a rare opportunity to generate quality video content for your business at a low cost. See FAQ 6, for more about the importance of producing video content for your business and how this can be a great resource for your company.

What do I get?

You get an approximately 60 second long promotional film, shot at the show, edited, and posted in YouTube, as well as your own Exhibitor Theater within the 24/7 site. You also get a URL and embed code for your video, so that you can post it on your website and social media.

How does it work?

The process is simple. Sign up online and schedule your time slot. Make sure you have all your marketing materials, products, and the person you want representing your company ready for your scheduled time. Consider preparing some marketing points, but not a full script; scripts are difficult to memorize and can make you sound unnatural on film. Our staff will arrive at your booth at your scheduled time. We will take a few minutes to speak with you and learn about your company, how you market yourself, and the points you wish to highlight in the video. You will then be mic’d up with a lavalier (a small and discreet lapel microphone) and we will shoot the narrative or interview portion of your promo.

Don’t worry, if you make a mistake we will retake and help you get it right. We will then shoot the detail shots of your booth, otherwise known as “b-roll.” Once the narrative and b-roll is complete, our team will take the footage back to our booth, and begin organizing and editing your footage. We piece together your narrative by choosing the best captured moments and condensing the message into an approximately one minute long video. We then layer in the relevant b-roll to help make your booth and video look its best. Finally, your video is uploaded to YouTube and your Exhibitor Theater where is titled and tagged so that it can be searched online.

Producing Video Content is Important!

We realize this is more of a statement than a question, but we are willing to break the theme of the FAQ to touch on an important topic. First two things to consider:

  1. Search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing) give higher rankings to companies that are consistently updating new content on their website and social media.
  2. In the last few years the search engines have incorporated video as a search option making video an even more important part of your online marketing strategy. It is for these reasons that regularly producing and posting videos is a necessary part of any successful marketing strategy. Expofilms is a high quality, low cost provider of compelling promotional video content because we spread the traditional production costs across hundreds of exhibitors. This is provides you, the exhibitor, with a rare opportunity to continually create quality videos, without breaking the bank.
I don’t have my own website yet, is this for me?

Of course posting videos is a great complement to your web presence but what if you don’t have a website? Each video is embedded in it’s own, exclusive Exhibitor Theater which contains contact information, a company description, and your video. It’s your own web page within the 24/7 site. You can use it like a website to market yourself. While we recommend everyone take the time to produce a website, this is a great first step in that direction.

What is an Exhibitor Theater?

Once you click on an exhibitor thumbnail you will taken to their Exhibitor Theater. Here you will find each company’s videos, company information, and contact information.

What if I have additional questions?

We designed the virtual show to be simple and intuitive. Easy to search and easy to connect. If you have any issues navigating our show, we ask that you reach out to us directly so that we can help at

What are Supplemental Videos?

In a 60 second spot, you can only highlight a few general marketing points about your company. With supplemental videos, you can focus and elaborate on specific key elements for your business. Product Highlight videos, “how-to” videos, or testimonials are just a few examples of variety of ways you can provide additional content to help market yourself.

Supplemental > Product Highlight

A product highlight video is an opportunity to delve into all the details of one, or several of your products. For example if you provide three different product lines, you can produce three supplemental videos that highlight the details about each product. This helps inform the consumer and demonstrate your industry knowledge. Use these as part of your follow up efforts with potential buyers from the show.

Supplemental > How-To Educational

A great web marketing strategy has been to produce how-to and informational videos. Give it a try, type “how to” on YouTube and thousands of videos will appear, across a variety of industries. This is a great tool to reinforce your brand and establish your company as not such another provider, but as an resource.

Supplemental > Testimonials

If the best sales tool is the referral, then producing testimonials needs to be part of your marketing strategy. Invite past clients to the show we’ll film them describing their experience working with your company. A great video to post in social media and embed on your website.

Supplemental > Call to action videos

A great tool to push your prospects in the right direction. If you have a sign up procedure on your website, or a specific sales process; a call to action video can direct your clients and help convert a interesting buyer into a happy customer.

Supplemental > Product Launch Videos

Have a new product you are launching? Is it a seasonal product, or something brand new that your company is offering? Use Expofilms as part of your launch strategy.

Supplemental > Skits

We realize this is more of a statement than a question, but we are willing to break the theme of the FAQ to touch on an important topic. First two things to consider 1) Search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing) give higher rankings to companies the

Supplemental > Holiday Sale Videos

Create a great video to help promote your holiday sales and discounts.

Supplemental > Internal Training

This is a great opportunity to produce internal training videos that demonstrate to future sales teams how you want them to market your business on the show floor. Videos that include “how to set up the booth,” or “how to approach customers” are just a few examples of how you can use Expofilms as a resource to polish the face of your company on the show floor.

Supplemental > Staff Videos

People want to get to know your business, to establish a relationship with the staff, and to build that connection to your company. We can introduce your team by creating short interview films with each staff member. Put these videos on your About Us page and personalize your buyer’s experience.

How do I put my video(s) on my website?

When your video is complete and uploaded you will be emailed a URL and Embed Codes for your YouTube video and Exhibitor Theater. You can use the URL to post your video directly into your social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and you can use the embed codes to embed your video directly on any page of your website. You may want assistance from your web administrator to properly embed your video. If you are having trouble with either your URL or embed code, contact us for assistance.

What is a URL?

Uniform (or universal) resource locator, the address of a World Wide Web page. For example, is the urn for the Expofilms website.

What is an Embed Code?

A code that adds a browser plugin or widget to your page on your website. For example, you can use the embed code generated in YouTube, to embed a video on your website. The video will look and feel as though it is a part of your website, but it is actually hosted or broadcasted from its home within YouTube.

What is a homepage?

Here you’ll find all the videos as well as a way to search and sort through exhibitors.

How do I search?

Expofilms makes it easy find what you need and provides you four ways to search. The search bar – simply type in what you are looking for. Categories – click on any of the category options to filter for products and services. Sort – use our sort bar and arrange videos by Name, Date, Most Viewed or Random. Clicking random will randomly shuffle the order of the video. Quick Search – click on our assortment of suggested keywords and find what you are looking for faster.

Do you have a directory?

Yes, if you click on the All Exhibitors button on the top navigation you’ll find a directory listing of the exhibitors. They are organized by category and listed in alphabetical order. Click on an exhibitor’s link to go directly to their exhibitor theater.

How do I connect with an Exhibitor?

Once you find an exhibitor, you’ll find everything you need in their Exhibitor Theater, a description of the company, informative videos, and their contact information. You can click through to visit their website directly, email them, or call them if their company phone number is listed.

How do I go from Exhibitor to Exhibitor?

In every Exhibitor Theater there is a bar below that says “related exhibitors”. You can scroll through those if you are searching for company in the same or similar category. If you aren’t looking for a related business, you can click the two arrows below. This will allow you to navigate the Exhibitors based on order, not category. This simulates walking through an actual show.

Why is this FAQ so short?

We designed the virtual show to be simple and intuitive. Easy to search and easy to connect. If you have any issues navigating our show, we ask that you reach out to us directly so that we can help at

Does it cost anything?

No. You can get our turnkey virtual show and have us provide this service to your exhibitors at no cost to you.

Home Page

Here you’ll find all the videos as well as a way to search and sort through exhibitors.

How does it work?

We partner with you and learn about your show. We then provide you with a customized virtual exhibition website and brand it for your show. We market to your exhibitors, produce their films, and maintain your Virtual Show website. This can all be provided at not cost to you. The process is broken down further in the Pre-show, Show, and Post Show FAQ sections.

Post Show

Within 10 days after the show closes the virtual show goes live. Each exhibitor has their own Exhibitor Theater with company information and their videos, as well as the ability to share the films on their website and social media.


Initial Consultation – Understand your brand, your event, and your goals. Show Preview – We launch a preview version of the virtual show with some of our sample videos and content so exhibitors get a chance to the see quality of our films and get a taste of teh Virtual Show. We then provide a direct marketing campaign with email, phone support, and even material for mailers to get the word out and schedule shoots.


On-location marketing – We ask that you provide a space for us to set up a booth where we can provide information to both the exhibitor and the attendees. Our staff promotes and informs the attendees at the show with flyers, raffles, etc. At our booth we also provide live editing so exhibitors can see the process. On-location shooting – We come with a team of directors and videographers that produce the exhibitor films right on the show floor.

What do I get?

You get a turnkey platform that starts with creating a custom branded website for your show, a marketing strategy and sales team to get your exhibitors on board, a video production team to produce high quality promotional films for your exhibitors, and web team to post the videos and manage the content throughout the year. This is an opportunity to differentiate your show, add value for your exhibitors, strengthen both exhibitor and attendee loyalty, and generate additional streams of revenue.

What happens with my current website and/or hosting?

Nothing! We do not need to make any modifications, changes, or request to take any control whatsoever of your existing website. You also do not need to change or update your hosting. All of the videos are hosted in YouTube and your Virtual Website is hosted on our servicers. We do ask that you add a link or button your site so that people can easily navigate to your virtual show.

What is this 24/7 website?

This our virtual show brought to you by Expofilms. It is an online video-based gallery of our exhibitors. You can search for what you need, find informative videos, and connect with our Exhibitors to get the products and services you want. It’s a great way to reconnect with Exhibitors from the show floor, or find new ones you may have missed.

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