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Thank you for signing up for SHS 24/7. Here you can sign up for and purchase your Expofilm, supplemental, and testimonial videos. After filling out the form you’ll be instructed to make your purchase through our secure Paypal check out.

Fill out the form with all your company and contact information.
Choose the video services you wish to purchase. Please note you must order an Expofilm 360 to be eligible for any supplemental, testimonial, or presentation videos.
After making your selections, click “submit” and you will be routed to Paypal to finalize your payment
One of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your shoot time at the show.
  • Exhibitor Theater Information

    Please enter the information, as you want it to appear in your Exhibitor Theater. This is the section of SHS 24/7 where customers will see your videos and get the information they need to contact you.
  • Please enter your company name as you want it to appear in your Exhibitor theater.
  • These are words or phrases that represent your product or service. Please enter the tags that you would like and separate with a comma.
  • Please enter your company phone number as you want it to appear in your Exhibitor Theater.
  • Please enter the email address as you want it to appear in your Exhibitor Theater. This is the email address customers will use to contact your company.
  • Please enter the URL for your website as you want it to appear in your Exhibitor Theater. Must enter website in the following format:
  • Think of this as a press release about your company or something you would find on your about us page. Tell us who you are, what you do, and what makes your company unique.
  • Price: $499.00
    Your order comes with one Expofilm 360 at $360 by default. You then have the option to sign up for additional video services: Supplemental, Testimonial, or Lecture/Presentation Shoots.
  • Price: $350.00 Quantity:
    Each additional video your produce at the show is considered a “Supplemental Video." Supplemental videos are a great way to add additional content to your Exhibitor Theater so customers can learn more about your company. These videos are discounted to $220 and provide a great way to create focused marketing videos on specific product(s), how-to or informational videos, and even creative pieces.
  • Price: $120.00 Quantity:
    Film customer(s) or partner vendor(s) boasting about your company. There is nothing better than a referral, and there is no better way to get a video testimonial than Expofilms!
  • Price: $600.00 Quantity:
    Are you presenting at the show or holding a lecture? Have our team film your presentation in its entirety and use it to market yourself throughout the year. Includes up to 1 hour of continuous coverage.
  • $0.00
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